How to change slider arrows

For the “Feature Section 3” on my Webflow site, I am trying to get the arrows for the slider to be aligned lower than where they are on the slider now. I tried moving the icons down and had no such luck. How can I fix this? I want them to look like the two pages before the “Feature Section 3” page in terms of arrow alignment on the page and sliders. Thanks!!

Also, how do I hide the arrows for the mobile landscape version? I clicked hide arrows in the settings, but it only hides one of them (the left one). Am I doing something wrong syntax wise?


hi @Ryan_Monaghan as arrows have position: absolute you can manipulate their position in within absolute settings.

EDIT: I have forgot mention slider arrows. You are correct in preview is hiding only right arrow but on published site are both hidden. You should always check results on published page as preview mode is not reliable source how final deign looks like and that can be for many users confusing.

Once you will create habit not relaying on it and always have published site open in next tab publish every little change you will be fine but it is time consuming as response of publishing is not immediate and often get stocked in unresponsiveness. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I think that should do it!

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hi @Ryan_Monaghan just keep in mind that you need always pay attention to slider height and most importantly to mask. These can be most challenging elements to handle when you changing slider.