How to change section height (100vh) when reaching a certain threshold

Hey guys, I would like to change the height of a section (head) which is 100 vh default when it reaches a threshold of i.e. 1800 px. Then it should stay at 1800 px. When the website is displayed on 4K monitors I want to limit the maximum height on the section. Currently I use Min H (100vh) and tried Max H (1800px) but it stays at 100 vh all the time. Is there any solution to this?

Thanks for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - E3D Ingenieure)

@jarrylarry Try to set Height to 100vh instead of Min H. Plus Max H 1800 px. There is not a lot of content in the section so this should not be a problem (I mean the content will not go beyond 100vh).

Thanks, that was too easy.