How to change Page animation delay on a template

Hi Everyone,

We are beginners to this and this is the first site we have done on web flow, We are trying to make the Page animations for Our home page faster upon scroll, Specifically for Our “Our Brands” Section. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Shanay29 :wave: welcome to the forum.

I took a quick peek, and using the “Emily Daniels” heading element as an example…

You are using the built-in slider interaction. The only thing you can toggle is the delay to get that interaction start sooner, but that doesn’t adjust the speed of it.

To have more control you need to create a “custom animation” that uses the “move transformation” and then you can get more control over the speed of that.

Hope that helps!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response, yes shortening the delay would be very helpful, Could you please point me to the right direction to change the trigger point ?


Here are some screenshots, and I’d highly recommend going through this: Intro to Interactions | Webflow University