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How to change menu to expanded state for Desktop?

Hi, I looked around and couldn’t find anything for my question.

Wondering how to make nav expanded for Desktop instead of hiding with just hamburger and little icon.

It’s ok to have the hamburger menu icon there. It would be good to have the nav menu fully expanded and user can click it closed.

I’m worried that users won’t know where the menu is. I’m I trying to make a bad UX decision or do you agree it might help users to have the menu open? If this were an Agency site or super edgy, I’d leave as is.

Thanks, Susan

Hi @susanmacphee. If you select your Menu button and navigate to the settings cog, there are four buttons. One for each of the breakpoints. You can select the ones you want the hamburger menu on here.

The site looks great!


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Thank you. I’m going to keep it as is for now but I appreciate you teaching me how to make this change should client decides.


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