How to change from USD to GBP in the set up of Ecommerce

Hi there,

I am from the United Kingdom and i was wondering, on the Ecommerce, is there a way to change from USD to GBP as my clients are based in the UK? When you click on Ecommerce and then products, the price is set to $ and i need it to be £ instead.

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Hey @Kayso89

You can find some info here >

Changing the currency resets all existing price values of products as well as existing shipping methods. All products will be saved as draft. You will need to manually update the price of each product and republish your site. You’ll also need to reconfigure any Shipping Methods that you may have set.

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate this

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Hi Kieron,

I know it’s a year later, but I am at the stage of doing this. Can you explain if you were able to achieve this or not?