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How to change font for Rich Text Elements

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with something I thought would be really simple, changing a font! I’m using the Denali CMS template to play around with the CMS features and can’t seem to change the font for the main blog copy! No matter I do it seems stuck on Lato. As you can see on the share link I’ve changed the font to Great Vibes but it only changes certain parts of the text, leaving the rest on Lato, very strange!

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:

I took a look at the site. Everything works fine from here. What browser and operational system are you using and what are their versions? Thanks! :wink:

Hi @ActionFlash, I think the issue might be how the Rich Text Elements are being styled, i.e. the Paragraphs within the Rich Text. Applying the font Great Vibes to the Rich Text element itself, has no effect on the Paragraphs.

Take a look at how to style Rich Text Elements:

I also made a video, on the test site, to show how to do it :slight_smile: I hope this helps!


Wow…thank you! Seriously, thanks for the all the effort you put into that response, very helpful indeed! I’ll give it a crack later tonight.


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