How to change/edit images pulled from collections

I wanted to know how to change/edit images that have been uploaded by the owner/collaborator for use in a collection and across the site.

In this case they are blog posts, and the thumbnail image that is being used in the blog post collection is used to be the main header image on the actual blog post collection page. Some of their images are tiling and it doesn’t look good at all. Does anyone know a fix or can point me in the right direction.

I tried going to the collection page and it doesn’t give me any option to edit the image properties or characteristics. Does the owner/collaborator have the ability to change these options. I have included screenshots so it makes a little more sense what I am asking. Tried searching for an answer and couldn’t find one. If there is one please redirect me.

This first image is where I am running into the problem as you can see the image is tiling

Just to show you where the previous page is pulling the image from. It is a collection of posts.

Hi @ettleman99

Please let us know your read-only link, then we can take a look at the actual settings being used :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ettleman99

Try going to Post Header Section - click on Background Image - there you can set it to ‘Cover’ and the tiling is gone.

Bear in mind that this is the setting for all those images in this template, so make sure it’s working ok for the other images too. Ideally you want your client to be uploading similar/same dimension images when possible to ensure each post looks consistent using this method.

Hope that’s useful - here’s the screenshot: