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How to change Dropdown font color?

In this page I’ve added a Dropdown component and changed the label to “New Patients”. I’ve then given it a class I created called “Nav Link” which should apply the font family “Poppins” and change the color to #7600FF (Blue Violet). However, while the font family does change, I can’t seem to change the typography color to Blue Violet. Is there some trick to setting the font color of a dropdown link in Webflow? Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - taylorview-dental]

It seemed to work ok for me. I just selected the item and applied the color and it seemed to work.


Thanks. You’re correct. When I would click on each Dropdown Link in the Navigator and then examine the Color property under Typography, it would say the color was Blue Violet although it clearly wasn’t. What I discovered was that I needed to click on the color swatch, select a different color, and then click on the Blue Violet swatch again to give the link the Blue Violet color. I’m new to Webflow and there seem to be little quirks with the UI that I have to get used to as I learn to “drive” it. Thanks again.

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Yes that is what I did. Honestly, I think the color should be whatever is displayed in the properties and the fact that it was different looks like a bug to me.


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