How to change classes without them beeing changed in the copied element


I just bought a webflow theme. Everything works amazing except one thing.

For example:
I copy the hero element and paste it on a different page because I want to re-use it.
Normally I change the classes of the pasted element, so I can edit it without affecting the original.
My problem is that if I change the classes in the pasted element, the classes in the original change as well without even editing them directly. This makes it impossible to use an element multiple times. CMS is active on my page, if this helps.

I alredy searched in the forum but didn’t find anything.
Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Digitalisierung für den Mittelstand | trilefa

Hi Tristan!

The website looks great so far, really nice job :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason this is happening is because your Hero element is set up as a symbol, and therefore any changes you make on one instance will also occur on the other instances of that symbol on other pages.

To fix this, you can unlink the instance of the hero element from the symbol on the unique instance you wish to change. This means that you can then edit the content without those changes also affecting other instances of the symbol. Once this is done, you can then also add combo classes as necessary to keep things nice & organised :pray:

To do this, simply right click on the instance of the Hero/02 symbol that you would like to modify, and then select Unlink Instance

Like this:

There’s some more info on how to unlink symbols available here.

Another solution, albeit slightly more complex would be to set up an override field on the content within the symbol that needs to be different on each page.

There’s a great guide on how to do this on the University available here.


Hi Josh,

thank you very very much for your help! :smiley: :+1:


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