How to change between cms pages without pagination

i have lately been building a app to sell surfboards on it, and we have 3 main surfboards with all their details in a cms field, My task is to only show one surfboard and all it details at a time and transition between surfboards on one section, with one of those “dot buttons” that i have made with images, that is why i do not want to use pagination as then it will show next and previous buttons and always be in a specific order where i want to use 3 “dot buttons” where when one is clicked the image changes to selected and 2 of the other boards get hidden thus only displaying one. So i have used a cms list and tried to group each of them in a different divblock, but what happens is thats there is not difference in the divblocks and their classes, or even ID therefore i cannot use show and hide element in this case divblock as all of them become the same and i have also tried using custom ID but am left with the same problem. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or dies anyone know how to group ech collection in a collection list differetnly with different group classes and IDs. sry me english is not good. i used google translate

All of this is difficult to imagine without your project link and published site link.
But if you only have 3 items, and it’s a big chunk of content, then using the CMS doesn’t benefit you much.

Just use a carousel if you want the … swipe experience.

With the CMS, you’d generally list the items in a Collection List, and then you’d link those to the Collection Pages.

Check out the Webflow University for courses on that.