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How to Change Activation Setting of Scroll Navigation Bar

I am using the Fly template and have a scroll nav bar. It drops down after a very short scroll. I want to delay this.

Unfortunately, when editing the scroll nav bar I can’t see any existing effects dictating the behavior of the scroll nav element. Does anyone have an idea how to edit this?


Hi @cyberdave - thanks for your help!

Unfortunately this is not affecting the element I need to change. I want the regular nav bar to load when the page loads, and the scroll bar to load after scrolling. This is what I have now, but the scroll nav bar appears to soon after scrolling (as soon as the top of the page passes the nav bar).

I tried playing around with the trigger but didn’t have any luck. I imagine this is a matter of changing which elements of the body triggers the scroll header, but I can’t seem to find/edit this.

Thanks for your help!

@Daniel_Luebke, ok, thanks for the clarification. I will go take a quick look. Cheers, Dave

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Hi @Daniel_Luebke, I was looking at your site, and I can see a header symbol with the nav bar, but I cannot find the other scroll nav you are referring to. Have you removed this? Or are you referring to another page on your site, other than home page?

If you can tell the exact page the issue is on… I see you do have a scroll nav on the Services page for example, that is currently triggered on the sub-header element, so if you want to have the scroll nav appear at a lower point on the page when user scrolls, set the interaction that is set on the sub-header to none, and then select another element on the page, like the first section-services section, and select the show nav interaction that you have already setup.

Can you try that? That works for me, when you make that update on your Services page. The home page, I can find no scroll menu. Cheers, Dave

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Super intuitive - thanks Dave! That’s exactly what I needed to fix on the services page. I appreciate your ability to figure out my intention. You rock.

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