How to change a color of the template?

Hello everyone!

  1. I recently bought a “Apps” template and paid 50$ and now trying to change the color of a template into the colors of my app. But it will take a long time if I do it all manually for every button and etc. The main color of the template is purple, the main color of my app is blue, so I have to change the website a bit. Please, let me know if I can do it automatically or the ways I can do it in general.
  2. And how can I remove “www” from the link to my website? Now it’s , but I’d like to change it into
  3. How can I change the color of the small circles on the “home” page on my website? Please, take a look at the screenshot attached or visit the website, the link is below.
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Check the colors in the color palette. They all have a triangle indicator which means they’re global, Webflow runs a variable magic behind the use of colors. Global colors were intricuded a long time ago, but a few years back they became the default, so any new color created is a global one, so most likely, the various shades of purple or global and can be changed site-wide.

So select it, Edit it, and change it to your blue. From there, see where it did change and where it didn’t. Where it didn’t, check how the class naming system is made and change the remaining purple colors to blue.

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