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How to center place a button at the bottom of landing page

Hi community:

I was trying to create a “my work” button at the bottom of on my homepage where when you click, it will scroll down to the work section. I have two questions here, the first one is how can I center place a button at the bottom of my landing page(which istaking the full screen), which is not sticky? The second question is how to make the interaction work so that when the button is clicked, the screen will scroll to my work section. Below is a screenshot of what I want it to be like:

Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Victor's 2022 Portfolio

Put the ‘My work’ in it’s own parent (container or div) then simply center align the text OR set the parent to FLEX and center justify.

For your second question the answer is here >>

Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for the reply. I think I’ve already done what you mentioned (see it here: Webflow - Victor’s 2022 Portfolio)

What really bothers me is how to position this block to the very bottom of the screen. It is not like footer because there’s content after this block. What I have currently doesn’t really work, here is the preview in mobile, and you can find out that “My work” is not showing above the fold.