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How to center a blog post with a sticky menu on the side

I’m trying to center the main body of my blog post in a CMS with a sticky menu on the side. I’m not sure how to setup the layout. To get the menu I’m doing a flexbox with it and the content of the post but then it centers both of those together.

Any idea how to fix that?


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Hello :slight_smile:

Please see video and let me know if this is the result you’re looking for.

Almost, how do I get the More Projects section centered with the YouTube embed and then the Sign Up is on the right.

Also here is a link to an updated design that has a sticky index of steps on the left. I want to get that to work without have to do a horizontal flexbox but still keep the main text centered:

Hello :slight_smile:

That is a tricky one considering you only have so much screen space to work with. I would suggest making the signup block smaller so that it fits along the right side of the ‘More Projects’ section. Will keep trying to see if I can find another solution.

Maybe someone else has a better solution.

So I wound up just using a flex grid to and reconfiguring everything, seemed to work!