How to cancel bounce at the end of scroll

hi Guys!
I’m trying to make a horizontal scroll using the ‘while page is scrolling’ interaction.
I have a div that has a 10000 px height, and while I scroll it the gallery scrolls horizontally.
It works. great.

the problem is that it bounces badly everytime I reach the end of the scroll. I tried several solutions and they all suggest to use html,body{ height: 100%, overflow: hidden}.
the thing is that when I make the body height 100% the horizontal scroll stops working : (
Im trying to get a result similar to this site:

I couldn’t find a better solution,
does anybody have an idea?

thanks a lot !


read only:


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I made virtual scroll on this site. Write me, maybe I can help you.

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Hi Eduard, could you post some how-to steps to implement virtual scroll?

I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution to that? I have a rather smooth scroll but my page is so short, that it bumps at the end.