How to bundle CSS and JS separately for each page?

Hi Team,

Thank you for your amazing product.

Currently, we are focusing on improving performance for our webflow site and we want to optimize the CSS and JS files that are being generated. On each page, 94% of unused code is present from the generated CSS file even after cleaning up the unrequited styles. So, can we bundle the CSS on a page level instead of on a project level?

Would be really helpful if we can bundle that on a page level.

Hi @Vamsi_Tallam, thanks for your post.

At the moment it is not possible to have page specific css, although that is a good idea for our wishlist at

Currently all styles, global and combo class styles which are created in the Styles panel are stored in the project specific css file.

It is possible to minify the css from the Hosting tab of project settings to make the site a little faster when loading the css.

Let me know in case of any questions.

Hi @cyberdave,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you suggest a way or any method to defer the CSS and avoid render blocking?

Also, can you suggest a way to remove default webflow css like webflow icons, webflow widgets CSS, etc?