How to build an object while scrolling

I can’t find an example, but it’s an effect where as you scroll, objects fall into place creating an end image. Imagine walls, floor and roof ‘falling’ into place to create a house at the bottom of the section. I know you have to use transparent png files. But any idea how to create this effect?


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Design your page using the last state of the elements: ie a built wall if it’s a wall. You’ll then use Interaction 2.0 with the While Page is Scrolling trigger. For each element, you’ll add steps in the created animation, and place those steps on the vertical timeline, which is set in %age of the total page height.

I let you go watch the videos about IX2 and this trigger, you should figure thingsout quite quickly. Come back here when you’re stuck.

Thank you, this makes sense. I’ll let you know if I fall into any trouble!