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How to build a simple shop section in webflow

Hi Guys,

i have a client who wants to sell some educational courses on their website. Do you guys have experience with webflow and some sort of a simple shop system. People should be enabled to choose and book/pay a course.

Do you have some recommandations on how to do this?


with the new embeds I was really impressed with the integration with shopify. There is a great video workshop where @PixelGeek goes through the steps to set it up on the webflow end. I really liked the fact that you could just design everything in webflow and basically add a shop button embed to shopify.

I just noticed there is another ecommerce one available as well. A best practices.

I just watched the shopify one the other day and was very impressed with how easy it is to implement with webflow. Yeah it’s not native so there is some redundancy but it integrates pretty beautifully with the cms. To me it’s way easier than doing php to get custom things to work in wordpress.

@jbleroux Thanks for the mention.

Hi @George_Konig.
Josh here from We would love the opportunity to help you add ecommerce to your client’s website. Please check out our Webflow specific tutorials and free ecommerce template here.

Foxy allows you to sell any type of product, registration, service etc. in your client’s Webflow website. You can even allow your clients to manage products with Webflow’s CMS without ever having to leave Webflow.

We have helped multiple Webflow users setup their Webflow/Foxy store and many have already launched:

Please send us an email and we can help you get started, along with providing any specific examples/demos you may need:


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