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How to build a mini-quiz using Tabs


I am attempting to create a mini-quiz in Webflow, which looks just like the one developed by @samliew here:

In a prior post (Building a quiz), I understand that this was done using Tabs, but I can’t work out how:

  1. the interactions work to move from one set of questions to the next.
  2. the end results differ depending on the questions answered.

If @samliew or anyone else has any insight, that would be amazing!

Many thanks!


Hi Dan, did you manage to find any solution to this?

I am looking to create something similar essentially branching into different sets of questions and end results/products based on each branch.

I only know Pickzen does this however they are pretty pricey. Let me know if you have a workaround.

Sadly, I didn’t get any help on this.

However, I did work it out myself and was able to build it via tabs and interactions.

The final result is on my home page here: