How to build a custom navigation in two levels

Hi, for a simple website I would like to build a two level custom navigation. The second level should only show when “Was wir anbieten” is clicked. I did it already in Muse but would like to rebuild it in Webflow. The Muse version can be seen here: 無効なURLです. And here is a screenshot of the two levels open. The first level I built already in the webflow site, but I cannot manage to fit the second div under the first. The two divs move around in nasty ways.

Also it would be great if anyone has a hint, how to deal with the mobile version. I thought to do two navs and then apply “display none” to either, but maybe this is not a very elegant way.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey @kurt

Why not using a drop down to display the links?

Piter :webflow_heart:

I did that too:
But I have problems creating a decent version for mobiles (see screenshot)

and thought if I do a custom version I can just move the elements and have alle page links visible at the same time.