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How to build a constant 'template'?

Hi there,

Probably a silly question - but I’m looking to try build my own ‘template’ that all pages within my site follow. How do I go about doing that?

To be more specific, I want to build page that has two columns filling the vertical height, the left hand column is fixed across the entire site (like a nav bar, but vertical), the right hand side is where all the webpage contents resides.

Is it possible to build a template that can be adjusted globally later on that achieves this?


probably when you talking about template its mean wordpress template or somethink like that
what do you mean adjusted globally

Hopefully you understand my two column layout. Say I want to change the logo, size, colour etc in my left hand ‘navbar’ column, I want it to effect all pages, not just individually. I want that column to be fixed across the entire site, so the only alterable content per page is on the right.

probably you can do that throud copy paste (manually) or code

Yes, you can do that. You would just need to make the navbar column a symbol.


PixelPanda is right. When you build your first page, with a nav bar column, select that entire portion/div and go to your “add elements” panel on the left and click “symbols” then click “create new symbol”. Now, whenever you want to make a new page, simply duplicate that page or when your on another page that already exists, simply go to that “add elements” panel and add the new symbol you created. Every time you edit that symbol, it updates across all instances on all pages where it exists.