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How to build a code entry that references a database

Upfront: I am a designer and (not a seasoned programmer), and I am starting to build a website in Webflow for a client who sells frozen seafood products. The clients want the site to have a feature where a visitor can enter a code that they get from the package, and it will tell them where in the world their seafood is sourced from. Essentially, that code will reference from a database of approximately 12 international locations. At this moment, their database is only an internal Excel document and not public anywhere.

Has anyone accomplished something similar to this in Webflow, and if so, how do you recommend it be built? I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks in advance.

You might be able to export the excel as a JSON file, host it somewhere like dropbox, then use custom JS code to load the data onto your page.

Might be able to do it with zapier - webflow form + google docs