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How to build a 2 step opt in?

I can’t seem to find an answer on the forums about this topic so here it goes.

I need a two step opt in form, and I am still quite new at this. So far, Webflow has been an amazing experience, quite simple and very fast, and I am really excited about ditching WordPress tbh, but I would appreciate some help with this part…

Basically, I need a form to appear once someone clicks on the button. My initial idea is to build a series of interactions, but I am just not quite sure how to trigger another element with a button that is not inside that same element… It has to be a two step opt in, boss was pretty specific about that so if someone can walk me through this process step by step I would really appreciate it.

Hello @George_John_Ellijah

Check this out in the mean time:

Check the popup that appears a few seconds after the page loads and clic on “Get it now!”

I will post a step by step later when I have some time to do it. :wink:


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hi @George_John_Ellijah!

Here’s an example of a multi step form I made in Webflow a while back:

I’ve simply put a slider element inside a form wrapper and styled the slider arrows to look like prev/next buttons.
Think of it as one long form you separate with slides…

Is this what you mean?

@George_John_Ellijah Sorry I think I completely misread this, you mean like a pop up modal after a button is being clicked?

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Awesome Job man :slight_smile: Is this a real working form? Can it be used in webflow? Or just for export and then hook up for with own backend?

@daniel_cleayweb thanks! :slight_smile: and yeah this is a working form - built this originally to use on my own site, I can give you a read-only link if you wanna dive in the mechanics?

Do you mind? I’d love to have a look around it.

It’s awesome having you be apart of this forum :slight_smile: you share some really great stuff. Keep it up man

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Here you go:

And thanks man! It’s a pleasure, I’m glad I can contribute to the community :blush:


Legend, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:

I’m trying to grasp how you built this thing so if you can find the time in the meantime to explain this, I would really appreciate that.

yup, that’s what I need :slight_smile:

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

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