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How to browse a list of websites on your website?


I wanted to design a site like this:

1- Home page => includes a table of the various sites which have a link to own pages.
2- After clicking on any of the links in the table without browse external page of browser just open on our website. ( Nav menu fix on top page).

How can I build this?

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I think the easiest way would be to use a link block, then in settings on the right hand side, fill in the link form to the particular website and leave the ‘open in new window’ unticked…

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Thanks @Harry

I tested it but not working. I think need something like

What you are looking to do is not (yet) natively offered by Webflow but is easy to do.

You want a menu containing a list of links to websites, that stays persistent on top of a page.

  • Your menu needs to be on the page.
  • Your listed sites need to open in an <iframe> under the menu.

So, once your menu positioned at the top of the page, drag a Webflow “Embed” element containing the <iframe> code to your first site, and name your <iframe>. For example:

<iframe name='showcase-area' src='http://path/to/site/01'></iframe>

So now your <iframe> is named “showcase-area”.

Now, your links must target this <iframe>. For example:

<a href='http://path/to/site/01' target='showcase-area'>Site 1</a>​
<a href='http://path/to/site/02' target='showcase-area'>Site 2</a>​

If you don’t want the <iframe> to display a site by default, just don’t fill the src=, leave it blank. For example:

<iframe name='showcase-area'></iframe>

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this is something i would LOVE to see on webflow, i hate it when i go through the pages and THE WHOLE SITE reloads… not a good user experience.

but i trust the webflow team to bust it open and make it great :smile:

You want … frames from the 90’s, Mordi :wink:

The process we’ve described in this thread is really a showcase process. When you need to show sites, templates, documents…

If you want to browse a site without too many refreshs, you’re seeking another type of technology : javascript mostly. And you’re in luck, this is the big hype for developers right now. Developers tend to stop coding with PHP (which puts a lot of power in servers hands), and stat to program with things like NodeJS, giving back the power to the end-user side, the browser. Sites coded with NodeJS don’t refresh or refresh so fast you don’t see it. on top of that, the URL can be fully controlled so you write whatever you want in it, whenever.

I don’t know how Webflow can embrace these new ways of making internet stuff in the near future.


Thank you for your help =>

Can you look at this site please, and help how can I can build something like this?

1- log in without pass just something like ID
2- Link list like that after click on some like goes to another page with fix nav and internal browsing
3- after click on ready button countdown starting.

@vincent If possible, would you please have a look at the site, and please advise me?


maybe, i have no idea :smile:
i just know it’s a bad user experience…

I saw some page transitions on coderops, that could be a great way to get rid of the refresh-blinking-whitenoise monster. any one knows how to implement it to webflow…?

@Mordi I think this is CMS (wordpress) and programming by PHP. but webflow is about static pages. your site coderops is dynamic.

i ment a css effect not the codrops website
sorry i was to lazy to find the link :smile:

I’m afraid not natively in Webflow. You need either Javascript, PHP… in another word: code.