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How to block scrolling when menu is open on mobile?

Hi there,

I managed to block scrolling when the menu is open on the desktop thanks to the class-adder video from Finsweet. Nevertheless, the menu is still scrolling on the mobile version and I can’t block it even after implementing the custom code given on the Finsweet video. Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks for your time. Aurélien

Here preview webflow: Webflow - Drover Club

Here video : Finsweet Class Adder Webflow Interactions Tool

Here the custom code provided in the video to prevent scrolling on mobile IOS (I removed it from my page as not working):

Anyone who’s encountered this problem? Thank you

Is someone could provide me a solution, please?

Hi @Drover, thanks for your post, I took a look, the menu button is having class menu-button:

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I would change the code to target $(.menu-button) instead of $(.nav-open) and then republish the page and check again.