How to block certain Dropdown Choices and show an error message in Webflow forms?

Hello Webflow community,

I’m working on a project where I need to implement a form with a dropdown menu. In this dropdown, I want to prevent users from selecting specific choices and, when they attempt to do so, display an error message. Ultimately, I’d like to ensure that users cannot submit the form until they make a valid selection.

I’ve already explored the options for disabling the first choice. However, in my scenario, I want all choices to remain clickable while displaying an error message when an invalid choice is selected.

Could anyone please guide me on how to achieve this functionality in Webflow? Your insights and expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bromma

@NickColeman - you can do this with JavaScript, but why would you give users options on a pick list that are not valid? It sounds like a frustrating experience as a user to be offered an option and have it not work.

@sam-g - Thank you! Including the available choices in the dropdown list is a smart solution.

I need the same thing, so would love to hear a good way to do it - in my case it’s a lead business that only needs doctors and not patients. When we didn’t have the “Patient” option they would just select “doctor” and proceed. People don’t like to think. I need to leave the option “Patient” and then maybe be able to hide the form on this choice on don’t let them move on

I need something similar because it is a self-filtering option for new clients. If they don’t have the minimum budget we need, we would want to let them know.

@BlakeDuerden - so you want to just display a message to the user when they select an option in the dropdown?

If you’re not into custom JS work, then you might find a good solution that integrated well with custom forms here-