How to Bind CMS text into form field 'Value'

I have the following:

  1. CMS pages called /cms/cms-page
  2. Form Field with Name, Radio Button 1, Radio Button 2, Submit.

Each CMS page has binding called:
a. Radio Button 1 Value
b. Radio Button 2 Value
c. CMS Form Name

I must Bind the text from Radio Button 1 Value and Radio Button 2 value into the Choice Value field on teh CMS page.

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You should use custom html inside form block for this idea.

Example of binding dynamic job-title to form submission (No need for type hidden in your case) inside job collection page



This is almost the oslution I’m looking for. Hoever, I’m looking more specifally to bind RADIO buttons, not hidden form fields.

My current work around i sbasicially

Radio 1 = Option 1
Radio 1 = Option 2
Radio 1 = Option 3

Where we translate Option [1,2,3] into corresponding value based on hidden form name. But it would be so much easier if we could just bind it directly into CMS.

Ahh I see what you’re saying now it goes in the Radio div block

@miekwave, did you ever make this work? I am trying to bind radio buttons to CMS items too.

Thanks for any help!