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How to bind CMS between 2 projects?

I have project and project as 2 different webflow projects.

How do I bind project CMS in

Define bind. Like use the CMS from one project on another?

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How do I bind CMS in webflowproject-01 to webflowproject-02?

You don’t from within the designer. Projects are independent of one another. You may have access to the designer and settings for both but they have no access to each other.

Now if you use the API, then you can do what you want.

I have the following Projects:
Webflow Project Main goes to - Main Website, main SEO pages

How do I accomplish the following?

  1. Include Project-Shop cms into Main website as a ‘Shop - Add to cart’ section.
  2. Include Project-Blog cms into Main website as ‘Recent Articles’ section.
  3. Include Project-Main cms-reviews into Landers project as ‘Testimoinals and Reviews’ section

Same issue as I stated, above.

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