How to auto scroll after a page loads

Hello all,

I am trying to create an interaction in this way: I have page for contact information and every time that page loads, I want it to scroll down until the contact section automatically. I do not want it as an anchor link directly to the section because than I don’t have the scrolling animation which I want. Is there a way to make a scroll interaction with load trigger?

I have no coding experience at all so I am looking to create this without coding.

I am very very new to this so pardon me if this is too obvious!


Select the first field of your form, double click it to get the settings popup (or go to the settings tab) and check the checkbox in front of Autofocus.

Depending on how fast the page load, you will or will not notice that it scrolls there. If it loads fast enough, it’s like the page will load there directly.

If you want a proper scroll after a few milliseconds after the load, you need to use Javascript at the moment (but I don’t know how).


Thanks for the reply! Indeed with autofocus it got to where wanted but the scrolling motion was not there. I guess I have to find a way to do it with code addition. Thanks again!

No problem :slight_smile: And if you succeed, and have the time to do it, come back here and share the solution :wink:

Maybe here?

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