How to ask location in form?

Hi Webflow Community,

How can I ask my visitor a location?

I want to build a new website about the cities. I will ask visitors to share the best place in cities. I know how to to get from them upload img in form however to learn where the place is I need to ask them location too.

Do you have any suggestion to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance

What specific location information do you want?

Hi @webdev

User take a picture, and tell us where it is. Best way to do that picking on map. Maybe we should use location info in picture file.

This would require custom code, as such functionality does not exist in Webflow today. It may make more sense to build a custom mobile app for that, since you could tap into location data and photo manipulation with permission. Most pictures are generated by mobile phones these days.

You could potentially create an API driven Webflow website but it would not be trivial. If you are not a coder you might take a look at Good luck with your project.

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Thank you for help but I need a quick solution. I will just want from the user the upload picture and will check manually location.

Have a nice day