How to apply scramble text to different classes/elements?

Hi I’m wondering how can I
apply this code
to multiple times to different inline textelements

text+inline textelement1 text+inline textelement2 text+inline element3

I’m asking because webflow doesnt allow me to use the custom code more than 1 times by bof
typed.js and scramble text effect
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.45.32
any clue is appreciated

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hi @barn here is example solution for scramble FX on more than one element. Take it as starting point to be customised.

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Thansk It works If code at bottom of the folder

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hi @barn you have more options to make it work in WF.

  1. use DOMContentLoaded event listener
  2. place code into page settings before <body> holder