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How to apply color of the paragraph to textlinks using a comboclass for the section


I just startet with webflow. Now i created a combo class “bg_dark” which applys a dark backgroundcolour to the section and white to typografic elements except the links?
Now i want the links appear in the same colour as paragraph just underlined.
i searched the forum and tried different things an found no solution …

Thanks for your help …

If the link element has been styled for text color, or if it is already inheriting the color style from a parent (like “All Links”), then it will never inherit the text color of its parent. As browsers have a default stylefor links often, it’s sometimes not possible to have a link element inherit a text color from its parent div.

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Thanks vincent
I just wanted to know if could make the selector with the logic of the system
.bg_dark a {color: #fff; }
or even better
.bg_dark a {color: $text-color; }