How to apply a class to a new element without affecting its position

So i have made Text 1 which when hovered over it will fade in then fade out.

I want to be able to make more of these like Text 2.

However when i give text 2 the same class as text 1 the position is also applied which i do not want. I just want the animation to be applied. So i can move text 2 wherever i need it to be.

Here is my site Read-Only:


What I found is that you didn’t apply the interaction (fade in, fade out) to Text 2.

Ahh thank you not sure why i had so much trouble. So that works for text 2. But if i wanted to add a text3 what would be the best way to go about that? Right now i suppose i could add a new text bloack. Style it manually then add the animation manually. But is there a way i can copy paste one of my previous ones but be able to move it around without it affecting the original i copied?


Make as many as you need, use the same class, apply the interaction on all of them via the Trigger Setting by choosing class not element. Now all the text fields are in the same position, for changing position use A combo class.