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How to animate multiple shapes

I am trying to animate multiple div-shapes that I duplicated but I only can manage to do it individually per div. Is there a way to make this more easy.

I’m trying to recreate something like the customer animation on


Can you explain a little bit more what the actual issue is? What do you mean by ‘is there a way make this easier’?

I already tried duplicating one animated circle. However when I do the I can’t change the starting position of the dots because they share the same class and thus move all together on top of each other. I can remove the class but then I will lose the animation.

Hope this makes sense. Here is the project:

If you add a different class to the other elements you should be able to achieve this.

I understand, but then I need to make one class for every circle i want to create + the animation doesn’t copy as well.

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Not necessarily, you can use the option target element instead of class.

Hi, thanks! I already tried that but then only one of them animates, the other one remains still…

You need to create another step inside the same interaction for each element you want to affect.