How to allow user to delete account on Webflow Membership?


My client uses Webflow Membership on the website. He wants me to add on the page “User Account” option for the client: “Delete my account”.

I tried to create a form to send a webhook to to then go back through the API to Webflow to delete the user. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to send the information about which user this is about.

Do you have any idea how to do it?

Normally I build that as a part of a “data erasure” feature, and it involves a lot of automation plus some manual steps for separate systems ( CRMs, etc. ).

Parts like deleting the user account are difficult to automate because Webflow doesn’t provide the user’s ID anywhere client-side, so all you have is the user’s email, and you’d have to enumerate all of the user accounts to find the right one.

If the client really wants this automated, you can build it as;

  • A Make automation on user-account-created which turns around and sets a custom user string field to that user’s member id. Now each user has the member id accessible client-side. Put it on the accounts page, but hide it.
  • SA5 user info, to access that custom user data.
  • Your delete trigger, which now passes the user id to your Make delete-user automation.