How to align my custom dropdown menu items

I’m a Webflow newbie. Comfortable enough to build a basic site but I’m stuck on a custom navbar. I need to present my new site on Wednesday but I’ve been stuck on this menu for hours so decided I needed some guidance!

Nav Basics:

  • Logo aligned left, centered links with dropdowns, button aligned right. Done

  • Full width dropdowns with up to 6 links where the link wrapper is constrained to about 900px wide. Done, but with some alignment errors.

  • First menu item (Growers) needs both a secondary dropdown and a tertiary dropdown. I have the tertiary divs built, but have no idea where they should be placed for the dropdown interaction.

  • Boss wants dropdown links under the first 2 menu items (Growers and Beekeepers) aligned left relative to the nav_link-wrapper. I have something set wrong - currently my links are distributed evenly and too far to the left. Rest of menu dropdowns should be aligned centered.

Once this is done I can work on the mobile menu as right now it’s a hot mess. Need a left fly in, full screen with the 6 main nav items visible, and tappable dropdowns that expand. Will work on that once I get the basic structure sorted out.

Sorry for the long email. Please let me know if you need clarification.


link: Webflow - Dropdown Menu Demo

Hi @agriego You can just use a Dropdown element within the Advanced tab (see screenshot)


You can then within the dropdown’s settings add another dropdown element so you then have your 2nd and 3rd layer links (see screenshot).

Hope this helps for now. Feel free to PM me if you need extra help.

Thanks, I appreciate the response!