How to align elements in row?

Hi, does anybody know how to build this in webflow? I was thinking the route of 2 columns but im not sure how to get all 4 images right next to each other after. Any help means a lot, thank you!!!

Hi @Alikhan_Surani this can be done with “flex” or “grid” its up to you.

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Hello @Alikhan_Surani , I’ve recorded a simple video with basic styles, which will help you solve your problem.

Video Link - Vimeo

Thank you!

Wow thank you so much for taking out the time to create a video. I really appreciate that your the best!

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hi @Alikhan_Surani these are very basic skills you should have when you willing to build websites. You can invest some of your time to learn these skills as on internet is tons of free content like articles and/or videos.

good luck with you journey :wink:

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@Alikhan_Surani you’re welcome, brother. You should follow Webflow University Courses.

Link - Free web design courses and tutorials | Webflow University

WFU is good only to understand how to work with this platform but basic HTML and CSS knowledge is more than recommended.

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