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How to adjust slider to show multiple square images at once

How do I show multiple images at once in a slider? So far, I’ve gotten it to look like this but as soon as I hit the end of the images, there is a big grey space. I’ve adjusted the slider mask to be the same size as the square image but it hasn’t changed anything. Any thoughts?

From the top of my head there is no native way of making the slides stop without moving to reveal the empty space at the end. If their number cannot be divided clearly by the number of images you set up to be visible at once they will show the remaining empty place. In your example the number should be dividable by 3 to avoid the gap.

I can suggest just styling the slider background to not have that grey colour and call it a day :slight_smile:

edit: I realized your example does not show three images at once but more like three and a half so this is even more complicated!