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How to adjust image size to make sure it's even?

Hi! I’m trying to adjust the image size so that it’s even with image next to it, but when I try to adjust it will change all of the images blocked together… How do I make adjustments to just one image and not the group??

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @SunnyUXdesign,

It’s difficult to tell without seeing the project first hand. Please see below to enable your Read Only link if it’s possible to. It allows users to see your project settings, but without making any changes.

Hi people, could someone help me with this:

I want to create a Collection page that lists all Collections.
I want it simple but neat.
So, I would like three collections per row. Each Collection should show the hero-image of that collection, underneath ​the Collection title and a headline for each collection.

I already have created a collection database and linked those information to this page I’m working on.

Therefore, as I create new collection they should automatically be listed in the 2nd row, 3rd row and so on (obviously, keeping always the same style and image size).

In addition, i need to link after each collection to the actually single Collection page (that I still need to create).

Can someone please help me with that.

I share my link for the COLLECTIONS Template page. Please find attached also a visual explanation.

Thank you in advance,
Happy Easter,