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How to add video ad before the videos in my website?

I wanted to know how to add a specific video advertisement before the videos in my websites. I need to be able to choose between these two options:

  1. Have the ability to skip the video ad and go straight to the normal video.
  2. Have the ability to NOT skip the video ad and have to watch it all before watching the normal video.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you!

I hate people like you who do this to viewers. Thats why i use adblock haha

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I’m not messing with you, so I ask the same from you. If you don’t have something useful to say then say nothing.

Lol. Lighten up, it was a joke. This forum tends to be a bit cheeky if you hadn’t noticed. Don’t get defensive because I told you what everyone in the world thinks when they see a video ad.

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Doesn’t really matter, it’s something that I need to get done because it’s for a client and I just need actual answers to the question. Could anyone please help me out??

I’m pretty sure most video ads are handled by your host like yourube but you have to have a certain amount if views to qualify. I’d hobestly search google for 3rd party embeddable options as this is not possible with the default tools in webflow.