How to add the file uploader to a site that already has an ecommerce plan?

Whenever I try to get the file uploaded addition to my site that will have a page for form submissions, it tells me i have to upgrade my plan and whenever I do try to upgrade my page and check out this error appears “Conflict with server data: Cannot use ‘hosting-business-v4’ plan, since Site has Ecommerce checkout enabled”. What can I do to get this addition onto my website?

Hey, Breanna Davis this issue with upgrading your Webflow plan and adding a file upload feature may be related to the conflict between your current plan and the Ecommerce checkout feature. To resolve this, disable the e-commerce checkout feature and use a third-party plugin or tool. Experiment with different settings and configurations to achieve the desired functionality. or please refer to this-How to Allow Customers to Upload Files on WooCommerce - LearnWoo

Hi @brexpk.
If you’re needing both ecommerce and file uploads (in your add to cart forms and/or checkout page) you might look into our seamless Webflow integration:

Manage products with Webflow CMS and add an Uploadcare upload option to your Foxy add to cart forms and/or checkout form. Instructions can be found here: Uploadcare |

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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@ankitparmar - How does WooCommerce functionality relate to a Webflow site?

Hi Josh, does for file uploads in add to cart forms and/or checkout page with do you have integration with Shopify stores?

Hi @Jonathan_Holeton.
With Foxy, you can add third-party upload fields to both your add to cart forms and checkout form.

We’ve been working on a Shopify integration that allows you to manage your products with Shopify, but pass orders through Foxy. Not sure on the status of it currently, but feel free to email us ( and we can get you more info.