How to add static elements to dynamic CMS Pages (that don't repeat on all dynamic pages)

These dynamic pages seem like a great idea - BUT, VERY limiting for doing a portfolio, I’m hoping there is a solution. The other posts asking this on here went nowhere and were closed.

My goal:
To have many items unique to each project breakdown (sliders, grids, lightboxes etc.) that are ‘static’ and ONLY on that project, while also having all the dynamic parts.

My Question:
Is it possible to add elements and set them to ‘non-dynamic’ so that they don’t repeat on every single project page?

Asking for the best of both worlds here because, both worlds are great. Please tell me it’s possible!?

And, if not:
Is my best course of action then to create a master portfolio page using as many symbols as possible and manually duplicate that? Thanks guys! Just bought, and Webflow has been insanely amazing so far.

No there is no such functionality. There is conditional visibility to hide elements that don’t meet a certain condition. All it really does is add a class to elements that sets the display to none.

Symbols are easier to manage than free form content; A DRY approach is helpful.

Thanks so much for the quick answer Jeff!

Hopefully you can pass a feature request on to add static elements in the future. Would sure make the CMS powerful! (And useable!)

// jayse

I have no inside track. I used to spend time with the Wishlist but found that to be a wasted effort. We get what we get.

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