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How to add space after dash or hyphen?

Stupid question time. I’ve inserted a text block which contains a string and then a dash ("-") (or it could be a hyphen ("—")). When I type the string and dash and then a space so that there will be a space between the dash/hyphen and another text block/string which will follow that hyphen, Webflow always seems to remove that extra space so that the first letter in the string that follows butts right up against the right end of the hyphen. Is there any way to tell Webflow to leave that space in there so that I get that separation between the hyphen and the string that follows it? Thanks!

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Change the “Breaking” style of the text element in question to pre (found under the Typography section within “More type options”) and it will prevent the space from collapsing:

I recently needed to use this myself after adding some separators as ::after psuedo elements (ex: ’ | ') and this solved the issue :+1:

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That fixed it! Thanks very much Mike. I went to MDN and found this documentation that describes this property.