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How to add multiple instances of the same form on the page (add another)

Hey guys, so I’m trying to accomplish this:

Basically, it’s a page with a form where you can add other instances of the same form (add another). And you can go between the once you’ve added (to correct or delete), once you done it submits all those instances.

Is this possible?

I came across this: by @AlexIglesias
But I’m not sure it can be used to achieve what I need.

The numbers arent required, they can be just dots(•••). Logic for switching them if one gets deleted might be too complex. I assume every time Im adding new instance of the form it will need to get a new ID, are there any hooks in webflow I can use to achieve that?

Also, if someone knows how to make this happen — please do reach out with a quote.

@PixelGeek could you please take a look at this?

You can append the page# (1,2,3) to the name of all the textboxes on a page. Now when the form submits, the backend can figure out data to page mapping. If you don’t append the page#, the submitted data wouldn’t be right.

@dpstechy Could you please elaborate on appending the page#? I don’t quite understand what that means. Also how would I create a logic where +Add another will add a new copy of the form with the number?