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How to add mesh overlay to image or video

Hi, I know webflow can add image or color overlay to background image or video. I want to add mesh overlay, like this

I upload a mesh pic, but don’t know how to set the overlay pic opacity? Is there another way can do this ?


Here is my public share link:
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The proper way to do it is with a png file that contains the pattern that you want on top of your image.

Here is a project where you can see how I built it:

Go to page “Overlay Mesh” to see every part of it.

If you want to adjust the opacity of the mesh you need to put the pattern image background div on top of the image and give it a specific opacity.

Let me know if that helps.


Great, Thanks. It works.

Can you help me check this problem?

Noboby reply.

I was just trying to do this! Thanks!

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