How to add image inside post body?



Hi! Dear all,
I am confused about how to add image between texts inside post body.
Please kindly reply.
Thank you.

Hi, all!

I figured out later.
Here’s the solution:
I hit β€œEnter” to the next line and it pops up a β€œ+” (as the print screen),

then click the β€œ+”, it shows an image icon.
And there it goes.

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hi @Lila_Y here is a link to WF documentation that is always good to read.

right under title is this text

When your text cursor is on a new line, a β€œplus ” button appears. Clicking this button reveals an insert menu with options to add images, videos, other rich media, custom code, and bulleted or numbered lists.

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Hi @Stan,

That’s really clear and helpful.
Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Lila Y.

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