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How to Add Hidden Form Fields to Forms

@mattmcs - great question. Here’s an explanation on how to capture hidden form fields in your Webflow form:

  1. Create a form block:

  2. Use the Embed element to drop your hidden form fields into the Form Body:

    Here is where the Embed block should be in the Navigator:

  3. Now, submissions for this form will include your hidden form field. You can preview what your submissions look like in your site’s form settings page.

Salesforce post incoming…


The main problem is the structure. It will be sth like:

  <input type="text" />
  <div class="embedded-html">
    <input type="hidden" />

It would be awesome if we could add input not only to forms but inside the site too. Also in settings panel we could change the type of the form. That way we could have all possibilities including hidden values. Just my opinion…