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How to add global collections without new routes?

I have this situation where one of the pages fades in on load, so that means it’s in a code block when you are on the editor. There is no way to easily update the page. This section lives on the sidebar of job descriptions, and it only needs to be updated once. (so adding it to a job collection is redundant)

My initial thought is to add a global collection that allows editors to easily update the section, and it will populate on each job as the same text. The problem I am seeing is that every collection creates a new route and single template (which I don’t want).

How would I get around this and create a global collection that does not associate with any template or route?

You don’t have to use a collection template page if you don’t want to. Just password protect or set a redirect on it.

I am just not adding any elements. How would I add a redirect?

301 redirects can be set in site settings hosting tab.

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