How to add extra price to product when adding to cart

is there a way of adding extra price to product based on user selection.

Lets say I have a product having prices $1900, and there is drop-down field having two options “yes” and “no”,

  • if user have selected “yes”, the price should be $1900 + $200
  • if user have selected “no”, the price should be $1900 + $50

is this possible in webflow?

You have to leverage product variations

is there any way of doing without product variations ?

No only with variations

Ok. Thankyou for the response.

I have hundreds of products, if i have to updage just + $200 to $250, then i have to update all the variations.
:frowning: it will consume lot of time and manual interaction.

You can export inside csv, automatize the creation of the new csv and import back

Hi @Ram_Chander.
Josh with Foxy here. You might look into our seamless Webflow integration:

  • Manage products with CMS (downgrade and save $$$)
  • Add variations/price increase options to your add to cart form one time in the Designer (or in CMS if you need granular control)
  • Embed a customer portal
  • Connect to 100+ gateways
  • and more!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hi Ram,

If you have a lot of products that need updating on a regular basis checkout Airtables.

You can create a table with all of your product information using this extension

It will then sync BOTH ways so you can have Webflow update the table or the Airtable update Webflow.

I guarantee you will never update a CMS inside Webflow again. Going into each CMS entry takes too long.

Hope this helps