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How to add default link styling

When I add a link I can add a class to it and style it. But does this mean I have to add a class to every link I create? This seems cumbersome when it can be set once.

Is there not a way to change the default blue link styling? Same goes for other common top level html elements like H1, H2 etc.


No, but you can style a link, make a symbol out of it, and call back the symbol anytime you want to add a link. Then un-symbol it.

You can add default styling to all the heading tags and the paragraph tag. Just ad those elements and style the way you want. The link or < a > tag cannot be styled has a default currently, but you can add a class to it, as you already know. I hope they add this feature because it will make it easier to integrate web-flow code with other CMSs. If you are exporting code you can style the link the way you want and then apply those style attributes to the < a > tag in the css file you get.

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It’s not ideal, but you can add default styling into the header.

    a {

It won’t show in the editor, or the preview, but works when you publish.

You could even set up a template to use for other elements (ul, li, etc) on new projects. OR you could make a “style guide” page and create classes for each tag in the editor, export and then copy and paste the relevant code into the header and swap out the class names for tags (if you name them the same, then you could just remove the “.”).


Any sign of this being built in so we don’t need the custom code workaround? The same thing really applies to all the default HTML styles, like lists, etc.